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  • At Megatech our engineers conduct a thorough inspection on each item we purchase to insure that all of our machines are of the highest quality. All stock information is of used machines which Megatech has already purchased and are being stored in our Tochigi storage facility.
  • Each machine is ranked as S, A, or B according to the condition of the apparatus prior to Megatech maintenance procedures. The S ranking refers to as good as new used machines and B ranking are machines that have more than sufficient operational capacity. In the case that machines are subjected to Megatech maintenance, customers can expect better efficiency and precision performance.
  • Please click on the product name for theexplanation page. If you are interestedin a particular machine, please use the `contact us` link on the corresponding machine page to make your inquiry.
Ref.No Photo Product Name Capacity Maker Model Model Year Specification
mtc1787 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 200mm DATE NCS-200 1999
mtc1765 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 300mm ORII LCC03KR2HAX-TTS 1989
mtc1771 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 300mm DATE NCSA30E 2006
mtc1821 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 300mm ORII LCC03KR3TAP-DTS 2014
mtc1571 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 400mm AIDA LFM-400E 1996
mtc1759 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 400mm ORII LCC04HBX-EAX 1993
mtc1815 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 400mm AMADA LFD400T 2019
mtc1822 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 400mm YUTANI FD1-40 2014
mtc1741 Leveler Feeder Coil Width 800mm ORII LCC08HRMAX-HHC 1995
mtc1761 Coil Cradle Coil Cradle SYOEI 1981
mtc1769 Robot AIDA RY-120W2SS 2000
mtc1767 Multipacer Robot AIDA BFA-40/30-30L、AH-Ⅲ-45.. 1996