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  • At Megatech our engineers conduct a thorough inspection on each item we purchase to insure that all of our machines are of the highest quality. All stock information is of used machines which Megatech has already purchased and are being stored in our Tochigi storage facility.
  • Each machine is ranked as S, A, or B according to the condition of the apparatus prior to Megatech maintenance procedures. The S ranking refers to as good as new used machines and B ranking are machines that have more than sufficient operational capacity. In the case that machines are subjected to Megatech maintenance, customers can expect better efficiency and precision performance.
  • Please click on the product name for theexplanation page. If you are interestedin a particular machine, please use the `contact us` link on the corresponding machine page to make your inquiry.
Ref.No Photo Product Name Capacity Maker Model Model Year Specification
mtp0984 High Speed Press 030T KYORI HYPER-300 2000  ST:16  300 - 2000spm  DH:215  adj:20
mtp0980 High Speed Press 030T AIDA SONIC-V300 2001  ST:20  300 - 2000spm  DH:230  adj:50
apm004 Gap Frame Presses 035T KOMATSU OBS35-33BM 2002  ST:80  100spm  DH:210  adj:55
apm016 Gap Frame Presses 045T WASHINO PUX45 1982  ST:140  75spm  DH:290  adj:60
Gap Frame Presses 045T WASHINO PUX45 1983  ST:140  75spm  DH:290  adj:60
apm014 Gap Frame Presses 045T WASHINO PUX45 1982  ST:140  75spm  DH:230  adj:60
Gap Frame Presses 060T KOMATSU OBS60-2 1982  ST:90  75-150spm  DH:300  adj:90
mtp1375 Gap Frame Presses 110T AIDA NC1-110(2) 1991  ST:120  35-65spm  DH:380  adj:90
Gap Frame Presses 110T AMADA TP-110C 1989  ST:150  60spm  DH:365  adj:100
mtp0514 Straight Side Press 160T KOMATSU HAF160-B 1998  ST:250  DH:700
mtp0527 Straight Side Press 160T AIDA CT2-16 1983  ST:150  35 - 80spm  DH:400  adj:40
mtp0503 Straight Side Press 300T AIDA PDA-30H 1976  ST:150  40 - 100spm  DH:650  adj:150
mtp1313 Straight Side Press 300T AIDA PS-30(2) 1973  ST:250  35spm  DH:575  adj:125
apm002 Hydr. press brake 080T AIZAWA APM8020 1998  ST:155  adj:90